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Founder OS is a curated community we help you grow your business to $5M and beyond

Founder OS is your go-to community for online growth systems

Discover the systems to grow your business to $1M and beyond

Curated Community

It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top. Community is a foundational component of our entire system. Connect with fellow entrepreneurs, learn, and level up together.

Gain Massive Clarity

Get clear on your goals, identify your perfect niche, and determine the steps you need to take to make your vision a reality. 

Lead Generation & Conversion

Feast or famine is a thing of the past. Leverage proven lead generation and conversion systems that print money while you sleep.

Expert Guidance

Eliminate any guesswork with real-time feedback from successful founders that have been there before. 

Raving Fans

Build an audience of raving fans with a proven content creation system. Maximize your reach and impact.

Plug & Play Systems

A founder’s most valuable asset is their time. Implement systems that maximize efficiency and automate tasks - and remove yourself from operations.

What founders are saying

Steve Gatena

“I surpassed $7M of annual recurring revenue in my SaaS business.”

Since learning Matt’s systems I’ve grown my LinkedIn following by 28k, launched a podcast that gets 5M downloads per month, and have surpassed $7M ARR in my new SaaS business.

Zach Murray

“I’ve grown my revenue by 3.5x in the last 60 days.”

Since beginning Founder OS I’ve grown Foreplay’s revenue by 3.5x in the last 60 days. Founder OS helped me build an amazing business, land my dream customers, and gain massive clarity.

Rob Hoffman
Contact Studios

“I’ve closed more than $100k in new contracts.”

Two months into Founder OS I grew 15,600 followers across Twitter and LinkedIn, got more than 100 leads for my business, and closed more than $100k in new contracts. 

No fluff. Just real systems,
strategies, and community.

What experts are saying

Brett Adcock


Matt is an absolute beast when it comes to audience and community growth. He has one of the fastest growing brands online and is an incredible teacher. Would highly recommend working with him.

Harley Finkelstein


Matt is one of the most brilliant and thoughtful community builders I've ever met. He has tips and frameworks that scale and you can use today in whatever you are building.

Scot Chisholm


This is the most curated group of founders I’ve ever been a part of. It’s truly heavy-hitters only.

Codie Sanchez

Contrarian Thinking

Matt can take you from 0 to 60 with a personal brand... fast. I'd listen to him.

Sustainable growth starts with a solid foundation

Compunding Content

Attract your dream customer

Scaling Templates

Systemize and automate

Monetization Moments

Convert your audience to cash

Supportive Community

Founders helping one another grow

Plug and Play Systems

Predictably scale your revenue

Memorable Experiences

Life-changing community

Hey, I'm Matt Gray

Our mission is to inspire 100 million founders to live their dreams through proven systems.

I built Founder OS while traveling across the world - Kyoto, Medellin, Joshua Tree, Brooklyn, and Bali.

Founder OS is what I wish I had 14 years ago when I got started as an entrepreneur. I've since built 4 profitable companies. And my goal is to open source all my systems for the next generation of dreamers, creators, and builders.

Here’s a sneak peek into our story…


We connect action-oriented founders with the systems, resources, and community they need to win their category.

Sierra Madre

Founder of OYH Inc. Co-founder of Soul School Yoga

Founder OS Program was the course I wish existed when I started my business 6 years ago.

I found more clarity and direction from the templates and discussion Matt provided in 3 weeks than I could have mustered up on my own in 3 years. This course is like a compressed pearl of knowledge.

The decades worth of wisdom Matt possesses has been polished and presented in a super digestible way. Even if you only absorb 10% of what's offered you’ll be 10 steps ahead of the game!!!

The program helps you build great branding, has helpful infographics and visuals and allows you to meet a great community of entrepreneurs. You'll learn the cheat codes for social media growth on all platforms and templates for all branding development and organization.

Matt really is there to help you on and off the weekly classes. This is a real mentorship program. Brilliant, elegant, direct, and simple.

5 star reviews

Ben Meer

Founder, System Sunday
(Audience of 700K)

Matt is a leader of leaders. I turn to Founder OS for actionable advice on systems, personal development, and community building. It’s been invaluable to growing my  business.

5 star reviews

Jonathan "JCron" Cronstedt

Board Director (Former
President) Kajabi.com

In business there are only two types of growth Accretive or Exponential. Founder OS is the key that unlocks the latter. Whether asking how to build a powerful personal brand that scales or how to start and systemize a perpetual growth machine in your company, Matt Gray has given you a playbook that delivers. Get it, implement it, or risk watching and wondering as your competitors do!

5 star reviews
Nicole Murphy

Nicole Murphy

Founder and CEO of Tail Size & Owner of a marketing consulting business

Matt’s program is like a crash course to entrepreneurship. It cuts through all of the noise out there and provides you with extremely valuable, no bullshit guidance from someone who’s built three successful companies. I feel like I’m in the fast lane of entrepreneurship as a result. This program helped me avoid so many mistakes and helped me do things far more efficiently than I otherwise would have.

5 star reviews

Harry Dry

Founder, Marketing Examples

Matt is AWESOME. I love his energy.
Learn from Matt, someone who's done it.

5 stars

Christine Carrillo

Entrepeneur & CEO Coach

This is what I wish I had when launching my very first business. Matt has been building communities and businesses at scale for years. I can't imagine a better course, or a better teacher to help entrepreneurs build their brand, community and business.

5 star reviews

Aprilynne Alter

Founder, Tenderfoot

Matt is awesome. He gives you the exact systems, templates, and frameworks he's used to build a community of 14 million and grow multi-million-dollar companies. It's clear he's walked the walk, and Founder OS is actionable as heck.

5 star reviews
Gerard Adams
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Gerard Adams

Founder, Leaders Create Leaders

5 star reviews

Austin Belcak

Founder, Cultivated Cutlure (1.4M followers on LinkedIn)

I love Matt’s advice and systems because they’re based on his experience actually doing this stuff. This isn’t some fluffy course. Founder OS Program is the exact system he used to build a community of 14 million and grow not one, but two $10M+ companies. If I woke up with no audience and no customers, Matt is the first person I’d call to help me build it back up.

5 star reviews
Brett Adcock, Founder, figure.ai

Brett Adcock

Founder @ Figure, Archer ($2.7B IPO), Vettery ($100M exit)

Matt is an absolute beast when it comes to audience and community growth. He has one of the fastest growing brands online and is an incredible teacher. He goes above and beyond to help founders - you can tell he genuinely cares. Would highly recommend working with him.

5 star reviews

Seth Farwell

Business Development Manger at UV Skinz

Highly recommend this program. Matt is a master of systems and gives instruction in an effective but not overly formal way. I found the info given to be helpful for both my role as a Business Development Manger for an established brand and for my personal journey to start a brand of my own. The community you become part of with this program is also killer and this alone is worth the cost in my opinion.

5 star reviews
John Figueiredo
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John Fiqueiredo


5 star reviews

Alice Moon

Founder, Cannabis PR

Taking Matt's class changed my life for the better. Within one week of finishing the program, I signed three new clients with many more interested in working together. This is all thanks to implementing the strategy, tips, and niche focusing taught in Founder OS. Matt sets you up with systems to be not only a better entrepreneur but a better human too. For anyone looking to learn how to improve their online presence, build a business, or find inspiration for content, Matt's course is worth the investment.

5 star reviews

Aadit Sheth

Founder, Makers Mark (Audience 320K)

My favorite thing about Matt is that his focus is not just on improving your business, but also improving your life. Every week, I'll derive a practical tip to make myself healthier, happier and richer. Matt is someone everyone should learn from.

5 star reviews

Jia Cito

Jia Ida Angelina

Wow!!! Since finishing Matt’s Founder OS Program I’ve grown SO much. He really opened my eyes to my infinite potential. He shared so much insightful information with everyone that was valued so much higher than what he charges. I learned a ton about my brand, soulful marketing, & making a positive impact on my community. I’m super grateful I did his program. I would recommend Matt’s program to ALL soulful entrepreneurs. Thank you!

5 star reviews

Calvin Cummings

The Founder Doctor

Hi! I'm Calvin Cummings, The Founder Doctor. I'm on a mission to help 1,000 founders and business owners transform their under-performing businesses (and exit successfully) by 2030, so they can live the life of their dreams.

Matt Gray and the Founder OS Program have given me the clarity, operating system, and community to scale my new online business and take it to the next level. I was able to grow my LinkedIn audience to over 2,500 followers and 500 newsletter subscribers.

My favorite thing about the Founder OS Program is the community he's built in Skool and the weekly Q&A calls with Matt himself, which have been invaluable!

If you are in business and struggling, wanting a proven Internet Legend to help you get reinvigorated and take it to the next level, you owe it to yourself to sign up for Matt's Founder OS Program today!

5 star reviews

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