Go from unknown to an audience of 1 million

Level up your personal brand in 1 hour with a simple system you can implement immediately

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Level up your personal brand in 1 hour with a simple system you can implement immediately

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What experts are saying

Scot Chisolhm


This is the most curated group of founders I’ve ever been a part of. It’s truly heavy-hitters only.

Harley Finkelstein


The key to the future of commerce is community and Matt is one of the most brilliant and thoughtful community builders I've ever met.

Sahil Bloom

SRB Holdings

The proof is in the pudding. Matt’s approach has helped grow Herb to 14 million people and he has one of the fastest-growing personal brands I’ve ever seen.

Codie Sanchez

Contrarian Thinking

Matt can take you from 0 to 60 with a personal brand... fast. I'd listen to him.

What You'll Discover In Audience OS

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Course Curriculum

Module 1
How to create and grow your personal brand

Discover how to grow fast on Twitter and LinkedIn. A step-by-step guide for newsletter growth.

Module 2
Build your audience growth system from follower to fan

Grow an audience that supports you and buys your stuff.

Module 3
Leverage tools to create a recognizable brand 10x faster

My personal tools stack for growing my online presence. Plus a secret engagement strategy.

Module 4
Create an operating system and save 20 hours a week

Nail your content strategy and grow faster. Free up time so you have focus and freedom.

Module 5
Schedule content and get off the content hamster wheel

Create  a 60-day content queue. Tools and systems for scheduling content in advance.

Take Your Business to The Next Level



  • Actionable and easy 1-hour course
  • Twitter Operating System
  • LinkedIn Operating System
  • Tools to accelerate your growth
  • Analytics to track your performance
  • Blueprint to 250,000 fans and beyond
  • System to build a 60-day content queue

"I love Matt’s advice and systems because they’re based on his experience actually doing this stuff. Audience OS is the exact system he used to build a community of 14 million and grow not one, but two $10M+ companies.

Matt is the first person I call for help."

Austin Belcak

Founder, Cultivated Culture
1.3 million followers on LinkedIn


Audience OS has helped hundreds of founders build an audience of 30M+ followers across various platforms.

10x your Twitter, LinkedIn, and email using this proven playbook.

Brett Adcock

Founder of OYH Inc. Co-founder of Soul School Yoga

Matt is an absolute beast when it comes to audience and community growth. He has one of the fastest growing brands online and is an incredible teacher. He goes above and beyond to help founders - you can tell he genuinely cares. Would highly recommend working with him.

5 stars

James Rowdy


This course is hands down the best course I have done! Matt has broken this down into easy digestable and actionable steps to grow and scale your brand. In a few hours, I learned where I was going wrong and now how to scale my brand and businesses. I HIGHLY suggest you do this course if you're serious its a great investment, with instant ROI.

5 stars

Dan Go

Founder - High Performance Founder

Matt is the founder whisperer when it comes to growing personal brands. Use his systems to fast track your audience growth and success.

5 stars
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Alex Berman

Cofounder at Omni.us

5 stars
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John Paterson

CEO, Quadshift

5 stars
codie sanchez

Codie Sanchez

Founder, Contrarian Thinking

Matt can take you from 0 to 60 with a personal brand… fast. I'd listen to him.

5 stars

Ash Lamb

Creative Director at Visual Growth

Matt is an absolute genius when it comes to creating impactful content. Not only does he knows how to create valuable content but he also knows how to make it really entertaining. I've never seen someone grow an audience so quickly whilst also running a multi-million business. If you're looking to tap into the power of social media and you haven't got much time, I encourage to learn from experts like Matt, he'll equip you with proven systems and formulas that will help you generate content on the fly.

5 stars

John Figueiredo

Founder Sisu, Sold for $400M

Matt embodies the journey of the Soulful Entrepreneur and his work and community speak for themselves. He is highly engaging and his systems and processes help leverage time, energy, and impact. Systems are the key to success at scale and he has successfully built multiple communities from the ground up. Love his integrity and positivity. We need more people like him as we pioneer this new world.

5 stars

Ben Meer

600k followers across his personal brand: System Sunday

Matt is a leader of leaders. I turn to Matt for actionable advice on systems, personal development, and community building. It’s been invaluable to growing my business.

5 stars


I'm Nagato and I'm a full time content creator and investor in the Cryptocurrencies market. I took Audience OS cause I'm looking forward to scale my existing online brand faster and also because I want to start monetizing my audience. Matt is a brilliant human being, I have been following him across all his platforms. This course has been a banger. Straight to the point with great advice and zero bullshit. I'd highly recommend it.

5 stars
Alex Licberman, Co-Founder, Morning BrewSold Morning Brew $75M to Business Insider

Alex Lieberman

Founder & Chairman, Morning Brew

Matt provides the proven systems to grow a profitable online audience. He gives you the tools, clarity, and confidence to go from beginner to pro in no time. It’s crucial to build a personal brand and audience if you want to stand out and dominate your niche. Matt is the best when it comes to building a personal media empire and giving people the systems to get noticed in less time.

5 stars
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Andrew Mewborn

Founder @Distribute

5 stars

Michael Novotny

Founder, Side Product Led Growth

As a Founder there are so many tasks and priorities to do, it feels overwhelming. I've seen first hand how Matt's system turns the chaos into order. As a Founder this is life saving. One less thing I have to worry about and a system is something that I can count on to build on to get results in growing my audience. This is essential building blocks for creating a brand. Matt's demonstrated this with multiple corporate brands and a personal brand. Not a better person to learn from and I am thankful for Audience OS.

5 stars

Tyler Denk

CEO @ beehiiv

Matt is a jedi when it comes to growing personal brands and a profitable media empire. Use his systems and fast track your audience growth and success.

5 stars

Harry Dry

Founder, Marketing Examples

Matt is AWESOME. I love his energy. Learn from Matt, someone who's done it.

5 stars


Zale, Founder This Is Your Brain On Plants, Spiritsaver

Matt is one of the most innovative and forward thinking individuals I've ever met. He is extremely generous with his knowledge and network. Matt lives it, his energy is infectious, he teaches from over a decade of experience and continues to learn, invent and share.

5 stars
John Figueiredo
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John Figueiredo


5 stars

Justin Welsh

Founder, The Diversified Solopreneur

Matt has incredible systems for people who want to build scalable businesses online. Fast. He’s been building profitable businesses and communities for years, and can help you level up your game.

5 stars

Steve Gatena

Founder of Pray.com

Prior to working with Matt, I believed building a personal brand was a waste of time and a distraction to building my business. After reading several of his emails, I was convinced it was worth a try. Since learning Matt’s systems I’ve grown my LinkedIn following to 25k, launched a podcast that does 2.5M downloads per month, and have surpassed my first $1M ARR in my new SaaS business. If you’re looking to grow your reach, engage big audiences, and drive monetization for your business Matt has tools you can implement immediately. No matter where you’re at, you can start with Matt. Thank you for sharing your secrets Matt. I appreciate you !!

5 stars

Tim Denning

Tim Denning

I've been following Matt's work for years. What he did with his startup is nothing short of amazing. Then I watched him use social media to do the same with his personal brand. His tactics behind the scenes are worth learning if you want to build an audience and make money online. Check out his course to learn faster than you ever will with free content.

5 stars

Zlatko Bijelic


I am on the journey of building my personal brand and creating SaaS products across different mediums. Over the past 8 months, I've been writing online consistently and putting out content to help early stage entrepreneurs. Matt, I've been following you on Twitter + LI for a while now, love what you're doing and watching you crush the audience building journey. Audience OS was digestable and extremely easy to get through in less than a couple of hours total. Love all the tools, tips, and tricks here. Highly recommend Audience OS to anyone starting to build an audience and looking to get familiar with optimizing their process. Cheers, - Z

5 stars

Aadit Sheth

I'm Aadit and I run a cohort based-course on personal branding, Twitter growth and writing. Matt is someone everyone should learn from (especially founders) because he has been there, done that. He's been a founder, sold his company and now sharing learnings about community-building and content (that he used to build those businesses).

5 stars

Barrett O'Neill

Owner, Brightline Media

I'm an entrepreneur and creator building my backlinking company Brightline Media. Matt's guidance on audience building has helped me reach customers and stand out on social media. Matt is clearly dedicated to his craft and has proven audience growth across platforms. I recommend anybody looking to grow their business joins the Audience OS.

5 stars


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