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What experts are saying

Scot Chisolhm


This is the most curated group of founders I’ve ever been a part of. It’s truly heavy-hitters only.

Harley Finkelstein


The key to the future of commerce is community and Matt is one of the most brilliant and thoughtful community builders I've ever met.

Sahil Bloom

SRB Holdings

The proof is in the pudding. Matt’s approach has helped grow Herb to 14 million people and he has one of the fastest-growing personal brands I’ve ever seen.

Codie Sanchez

Contrarian Thinking

Matt can take you from 0 to 60 with a personal brand... fast. I'd listen to him.

“My account was suddenly blocked….and I lost my 1M followers…”

Building a large following online is great but here’s the unfortunate reality - you don’t “own” those followers.

They could be taken away from you in seconds based on whatever mood Zuckerberg or Musk find themselves in.

Luckily there’s a way you can truly “own” your audience and create a consistent revenue machine.

And I’m going to show you exactly how you can do it.

Your #1 priority should be funneling your followers to your email list.

Email marketing has proven 3,500% ROI. In other words, starting your own newsletter is perhaps the most important growth lever you could pull for your brand.

In less than 12 months I’ve built a high-engaged email list of 65,000 subscribers around my personal brand. I’ve also generated $200,000+ in CONSISTENT monthly revenue from this list of loyal readers.

I’ve also built another email list of over a million subscribers that’s worth $10,000,000+. Now I’m going to help you do the same.

Are you ready to build your own untouchable “owned” audience?

Grab Newsletter OS and let’s get started.

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What You'll Discover In Newsletter OS

Course Curriculum

Module 1
How to create and grow your personal brand

It’s time to unlock your true potential for growth with a conversion strategy that outperforms other platforms by 120%.

Module 2
Quickstart Guide

Get an insightful overview and checklist to get the most out of the actionable modules in Newsletter OS.

Module 3
Becoming a Category Champion

Get the system for building a loyal community, refining your approach, and inspiring others on the path to success.

Module 4
Craft Your Newsletter Strategy

Learn from real-life examples and create a newsletter system that fits your goals.

Module 5
Creating a High-Converting Signup Page

Discover how to turn your signup page into a conversion machine and delight your target audience.

Module 6
Compelling Lead Magnets

Uncover how to attract your ideal subscriber and create a loyal fanbase that will stick with you for years to come.

Module 7
2 Page Content Strategy

Get a proven template for building trust and engagement with your dream customer.

Module 8
Newsletter Funnel

Maximize your revenue with a funnel system to grow and monetize your followers.

Module 9
Create Your Free Email Course

Creating a free email course is a powerful way to enhance engagement, build trust, and establish authority.

Bonus Lessons

Module 10
Copywriting 101

Make your newsletters irresistible and convert more people to your offers.

Module 11
Segment & Personalize

Learn the crucial components to ensure your email marketing is top-notch.

Module 12
Email Automation

Grow on autopilot and make money while you sleep - effortlessly and automatically.

It's Time To "Own" Your Audience


  • Actionable 90-minute course
  • 11 easily-digestible lessons
  • Blueprint to build a profitable newsletter
  • System to rapidly growing your email list
  • Playbook for monetizing your list
  • Impactful email automations
  • Convert and monetize subscribers

Since learning Matt’s systems I’ve grown my LinkedIn following to 25k, launched a podcast that does 2.5M downloads per month, and have surpassed my first $1M ARR in my new SaaS business. If you’re looking to grow your reach, engage big audiences, and drive monetization for your business Matt has tools you can implement immediately. No matter where you’re at, you can start with Matt.”

Steve Gatena

Founder, Pray.com

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Josh Ramsey

Ramsey Consulting

5 stars

Nick Schevelyov


Matt continues to add value to his customers.

5 stars
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Tony Drummond

Tony Drummond, Moonbound Consulting

5 stars

Chris McClure

Life, Leadership, & Business Coach, McClure Coaching

Newsletter OS is an extremely helpful course that is quick and easy to consume while providing many great tips with clear instructions to help get more organized so you can increase subscribers and ultimately sales.

5 stars

Damien Eddy

Founder Mindful PM

Im Damien and I'm building my personal brand to be able to break away from my time for work consulting job. Being able to replicate simple yet powerful systems has allowed me to free up time to focus on the impactful parts of my work and allow me to still have a life while building towards bigger and better things. When I am ready to scale further I'm already set to go! Matt lays it all out in easy-to-understand and implement steps, it's super helpful. Would recommend!

5 stars

Lotta Spjut

Founder LS Mind Your Buziness

I'm Lotta Spjut, a strong, smart, and successful entrepreneur and the founder of LS Mind Your Buziness. My business is built on the foundation of balance between the 3xB's - body, brain, and business. I am dedicated to helping individuals and businesses thrive by integrating holistic wellness principles with practical business strategies through coaching, consulting, and educational programs focused on personal and professional growth. Newsletter OS has been a game-changer for me, my business, and the Founder OS program. It gave me a comprehensive framework and strategies to optimize my business efforts. My favorite thing about Newsletter OS is its practicality and effectiveness. The Newsletter OS offers actionable steps and valuable insights that are easy to implement, resulting in tangible results for my business. Newsletter OS is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to level up their business. It's a step-by-step guide that covers everything from crafting compelling content to building a loyal subscriber base. If you for example, want to supercharge your email marketing efforts, Newsletter OS is a must! I would recommend Newsletter OS to entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and business owners who want to harness the power of marketing to grow their businesses. Whether you're just starting or looking to revamp your newsletter strategy, Newsletter OS provides the tools and knowledge to succeed.

5 stars


Matt's systems and insights cut time expended by 90% and multiply results 10X. Newsletter OS is exactly what I needed to grow my newsletter!

5 stars

Jeremy Prasetyo

Entrepreneur, Key Note Speaker, AI Strategy Consultant

Newsletter OS is a total game changer for launching newsletters if you are building them to grow your business. It helped me nail down a killer content strategy and gave me the practical tools to put it into action. Matt's passion is infectious, making the learning journey not only insightful but also exciting. What's brilliant is how the course really makes you apply things through short exercises, so that you are not only creating another newsletter on the same topic that we have read over and over again - but really guides you to become a category leader in your niche. It's all about standing out and delivering value that speaks to your audience. The systems and actionable steps are gold. Trust me, if you want to build a profitable newsletter, this is the shortcut you've been looking for.

5 stars

Aleksandar Dimitrov


Newsletter OS helped me clarify the details of my weekly newsletters' structure to write faster and more consistently. Matt has a ton of expertise in growing his audience and I learned what I need to do to grow mine.

5 stars
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Kyle Thomas

Founder UpEmployment

5 stars

Josh Viner

Founder/CEO, the creative lab

My name is Josh, I'm launching newsletters for both my personal brand and business (growth marketing agency). Newsletter OS has helped me get clear about what I need to do, how to think about a content strategy, and finally gave me the systems I need to take massive action. My favourite thing about Newsletter OS is Matt's relentless passion - the course is a joy to go through and will inspire you to get started today. If you've been thinking about starting a newsletter, this is what you need. Matt teaches you how to define and create your content strategy so you can become a category champion around a topic that you're truly passionate about. I'd definitely recommend Newsletter OS to any founder looking to start or enhance their newsletter.

5 stars

Paul calver

Founder, FoundersFettle.com

I am a holistic wellbeing coach with a weekly newsletter going out to a handful of people. Newsletter OS has opened my eyes to how I can really up my newsletter game to offer way more value to my readers. I am implementing the strategies right now and look forward to the results over the next few weeks and months. Would recommend to anyone wanting to create a newsletter that people look forward to receiving rather than one that feel you have to do and go through the motions. Awesome newsletter sauce !

5 stars

Tonya Papanikolov

Founder & CEO at Rainbo

I'm Tonya Papanikolov, and I'm working on building my first company Rainbo and my personal brand. I am grateful to be learning from Matt. He has been exactly where I'm at and is providing incredible, actionable tools to navigate situations and struggles with immediacy. He's got a wealth of knowledge and experience and doesn't hold anything back from his community. Through Newsletter OS it's become clear that I must start my newsletter immediately! It's an empowering course about getting clear on the value I'll provide, the frequency, the platform, staying consistent and so much more. It's empowered me to just start. One of Matt's superpowers is how he encourages clarity and hones in on allowing each unique individual to find and develop their niche. I highly recommend this course for founders, creators, marketers and anyone looking to grow their personal brand or company through email marketing which has a proven 36:1 ROI!! I wish I started this years ago but no time like the present. The time is now :)

5 stars

David Watkins


As a founder looking to focus on growing my newsletter this year, Matt Gray's Newsletter OS has been just the solution I needed. Something to structure the format, the cadence and give direction on offering as much value as possible. If you're someone looking to grow - I can't recommend Newsletter OS enough. Thanks Matt!

5 stars


Newsletter OS is a practical guide to actually building and distributing your newsletter. Matt has been there, done that, and shares his experience. It has greatly shortened the curve for my own newsletter. Highly recommend you checking it out!

5 stars

Josh Schoonover

Founder & CEO

Matt Gray has done it again. His Newsletter OS is jam-packed with actionable steps to build a loyal following and deliver quality content that your readers can't wait to dive into. Using his proven system, I increased by subscribers by 25% in the first week alone and over half my subscribers read my newsletter within the first 6 hours it's been sent. Newsletter OS delivers so much value for such an affordable price, it's hands-down the best ROI I've ever seen.

5 stars

Bonnie Cabot

Founder, Bonnie Dawn, Learning for Living

I'm just starting out on my entrepreneurial journey and building an education business in the wellness and lifestyle space. Matt's passion & expertise, courses, & coaching have blown my mind with the incredible value they offer. From the activities, tools and systems, to direct coaching and mindset conditioning, he gives personalized feedback to ensure your success. His courses offer big picture strategies but also the guidance, templates, and tools that take it down to daily action. Matt is a genuine, motivational, and passionate leader and anyone looking to grow an online business should jump at the chance to learn directly from him right now.

5 stars

Don Stein

Founder, Metaverse Monday

I’m so happy I joined Newsletter OS. After learning venture from two of the top VCs in SF it became clear to me my next business should be cash flow focused and online. Matt offers his mindset which is invaluable if you use it correctly and apply the lessons over time.

5 stars

Allison Jackson

Allison Jackson Fitness

Matt has a knack for simplifying the complex. He gives you step-by-step instructions on how to achieve your goals especially when it comes to growing your audience and newsletter. There's so much value here!

5 stars

Rod Schatz

CEO, Alidade Strategies

Matt is able to bring clarity to launching your solopreneur career. I have been using all of his other products to help me launch my solopreneur adventure. Matt specializes in developing systems and frameworks and his latest offering is Newsletter OS. I look forward to using this framework to launch my Newsletter offering. To date, I have struggled with determining how to keep content flowing and Newsletter OS helped me break my internal log jam.

Keep up the hard work Matt inspiring solopreneurs to dominate their niche!

5 stars


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